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Are prices on National Rail the prices that you will be charged on the day?

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Applies to the UK Not always. For many journeys cheaper tickets are available for specifically timed trains booked in advance. They are called 'Advance Purchase' tickets and are marked as such on the National Rail site www.nationalrail.co.uk Buying on the day the cheapest tickets are 'Off Peak' or 'Super Off Peak'. There are some time restrictions on Off Peak Tickets on weekdays depending on the route and the train operator, so enquire at the ticket office when purchasing them. No time restrictions at weekends. A railcard will save you 34% on your tickets whether booked in advance or not www.railcard.co.uk the Majority of the time they're much much more expensive over the counter on the day than if purchased online mate The prices shown on the National Rail enquiries website (www.nationalrail.co.uk) - and on those of the Train Operating Companies themselves - are the same whether you buy them over the internet, from the Booking Office ticket window, or a ticket machine. Other websites may appear cheaper, but you generally pay more overall (credit card charges, delivery etc.), as they are agencies selling the same National Rail tickets that you could buy yourself.. If purchased on-line (or even in person) for advance travel they are cheaper, but you are committed to travelling by a specific train(s), just like air travel. Miss the train (unless it is the railways' fault that you missed it - late running connection etc.), and you have to buy a new full-price ticket. The cheapest tickets are called Advance - they are only valid on specified trains, and must be ordered before the day of travel. You cannot buy them on the day of travel - you have to pay more for either an Off Peak or a Standard ticket. Yes and they are expensive, by booking in advance and often by splitting the journey you can save over 60% of the price.. Hello They are the standard prices. But prices vary depending on things like Day Returns ect. For cheaper trains go On-Line and if you can Book and Pay the day before you can make big savings. And you pick up the tickets at the normal British Rail counter at the station you nominate. Might be restrictive like "Not in Peak Hours". Andy C

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