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Can a train station staff ask for my information because I needed 5p?

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I was at a tube station (im 15 so I use a Zip card) and I had 75p on my card, which I know for a fact is enough to get me on the tube and to my knowledge 80p was never necessary. However, the tube worker told me I had to top up 5p more. I didn't have anymore money with me because I had never known this to be true so I could do nothing but ask him for 5p because I had to get home from school. He says no at first but then after some tense conversation he tells me to write down my SCHOOL, NAME, YEAR AND FORM, HEAD OF YEAR. I don't believe ANY OF THIS is necessary! What is he planning to do with that information? All I needed was 5p to get home. Also, he told me it has never been 75p when in fact, the next day I put 75p on my card to get to school to check if i was correct and it let me in. Do you think what he did was right and is it allowed?? Why do you think he took my information? Thanks Probably being awkward as some individuals are. Report this to school and tube authorities. You where probably being a little obnoxious school kid, if he gave you money then he was protecting himself from any back lash. Kids can be vile creatures so I don't blame him. He gave you the money so drop it and it has nothing to do with him for rail charges, Why should he pay for you? If you don't have the fare don't travel. It is standard practice to take a note of your details when there has been some infringement of the rules, just as a police officer will do when "giving you a warning". If you do the same thing again, they will know that you have been warned before, and take the appropriate action.

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