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Very interested in being a tube driver but can never find a reliable source to start looking?

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I want to work on the London Underground driving a tube I have no experience and keep getting pointed in the wrong direction. I would like to know where to start it's not as simple as going on there website and applying. No silly answers please thank you Have a look down this page to my answer to 'Noel' of three days ago. He was asking about National Express, but the conditions of service, examination, training etc. are very similar. They have to be, as the responsibilities of the train driver's job are identical, no matter who you work for. In the first instance, I would write to Transport for London, or telephone them to ask for further information of vacancies, and where they advertise them when they arise. The TfL careers pages are the obvious starting point - http://www.tfl.gov.uk/corporate/jobs/def... They do not appear to have any driver vacancies listed at the moment, and what you may find if you talk to them is that the employ people in other positions first, then select people for driver training from their own staff, who by then have at least some idea of how the system works.

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