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How many trains are between Dawlish and the end of the line ?

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if their are any trains that are stranded , why can't they be used to complete the journey from Newton Abbot There are no stranded trains. The line has collapsed at Dawlish due to such extreme flooding that the track has collapsed. It will take at least 6 weeks to repair. Meanwhile the rail company is providing a replacement coach service between Exeter, Newton Abbot and Plymouth. www.firstgreatwestern.co.uk Telephone 08457 000 125 There are obviously stranded trains, for how otherwise are service being provided between Plymouth and Penzance? There are obviously some trains beyond the break at Dawlish - they have a mainline depot at Penzance so there will have been trains there overnight, and there are also numerous small trains which operate branch line services in the south west. They are already running a service between Penzance and Plymouth, and have announced that they hope to get a service operating between Plymough and Newton Abbot later today. Bear in mind that the big problem at Dawlish was not the only storm damage in the area - other sections of the line have suffered lesser damage, from fallen trees and localised flooding.

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